Diamond Window Cleaning, Inc. was founded by Joe Porter who was born and raised in Omaha. When he started the company in 1979 there were no residential window cleaning companies in Omaha at the time, just part-time handymen who reluctantly dragged out a bottle of Windex and an old rag!  Fast forward to today, that small startup is the region’s largest residential window cleaning company.

Diamond is the largest exclusively residential window cleaning company in Omaha and the region. We are fully insured and a long-time member of the Better Business Bureau. Diamond’s vision is to continue to be Omaha’s outstanding residential window cleaning company by living out our core values of excellence, integrity, service, and world-class people.

Diamond’s mission is simply to make your life easier. And we do that by sending technicians who you would be happy to invite into your home. We aim to leave your property looking better than when we arrived, without intruding on you and your family, and leave you saying, “You’ve transformed the feel of my home!”

Frequently Asked Questions

It depends on the company you choose. Most companies spend 75% of their time doing what is called “route work”, which means that they are cleaning mall and fast food chain windows most of the time. Residential window cleaning is much harder than route work and it only makes up a small percentage of their total work, so they charge way too much in order to give themselves incentives to do houses. Diamond, on the other hand, does nothing but houses, so we charge far less than our competition because 100% of our income comes from residential jobs. Plus we really enjoy the higher demands of home owners—they keep us at the top of our game.

Yes; we have General Liability that covers any broken or damaged property and our workers are covered with workers compensation so that any injuries while on the job will not fall upon the home owners shoulders.

No, Diamond easily works around them.

Yes, we remove our shoes or wear shoe covers. We also use clean water with dish soap to clean the windows, and we wipe up after ourselves.

We accept Visa and Mastercard credit cards.

No, we don’t wax your windows. But they do stay clean longer because we use professional window cleaning equipment. Windows cleaned by soft rubber squeegees will stay clean longer than windows cleaned with rags. Plus, cleaning with rags leaves soap scum behind on the surface of the glass.

Quarterly cleaning keeps your windows clean throughout the entire year. Windows look great one month after we clean them. They look pretty good two months later. But three months later they are starting to be very noticeably dusty and in need of cleaning. The Diamond Maintenance Plan makes it is so easy to have your windows always look great because you don’t have to keep calling to make appointments and you get a 25% discount on each visit.

Because we know that we are a service business. We don’t work nearly as hard to get your business in the first place as we do to keep it afterward. Service after the sale makes us special. We teach our employees to have the heart of a servant. We receive so many compliments from our clientele and very few complaints, which is the feedback we desire in our quest to serve our clients well.