Rain, Rain Go Away

When it comes to window cleaning in Omaha our clients hate the rain.  We at Diamond Window Cleaning are not fond of it either but not for the same reasons.  Window cleaning consumers think that it is a waste of time to clean windows just before it rains.  If I had a dollar for every time somebody got upset that we cleaned their windows just before a rain I’d have a nice stash of cash.  I suppose this comes from the idea that rain is not good for a recently cleaned car, which is true of course because the rain mixes with the dirt in the streets and splashes up on clean cars and they aren’t so clean anymore.  Maybe people in Arkansas are driving their homes in the streets, but up hear in Omaha that just isn’t done.   Are you saying that rain does not make windows dirty?  No, not at all, that would be absurd.  I’m saying that rain actually cleans windows.  If the wind would cooperate more with the rain then window cleaning companies would be unnecessary.  At Diamond Window Cleaning we purchased a water-fed pole system that allows us to clean really high windows without ever leaving the ground.  These systems have four filters that basically turn tap water into rain water.  I like to call it my rain maker.  If the rain came with a brush on the end of a pole like our rain maker, then we would be out of a job.  Please do not run outside with a long aluminum pole and a scrub brush during the next thunderstorm, but if you did–and survived to talk about it–you could tell people what a fine job you did cleaning your windows with the help of the rain.  So please stop whining about the rain.  The rain is YOUR friend.  I am the one who should be doing all the whining because the rain ruins our schedules and it cleans your windows.  One last note: tap water is not rain water.  Tap water has calcium, lime and rust that will ruin just about any surface you put them on especially glass, so don’t think that you have your own rain maker in the form of a garden hose.  You’d be better off with a long metal pole in a thunderstorm.