The Dangers of Window Cleaning

“Window Cleaning makes my whole house feel cleaner.” That is what I have heard women say for years. Clean windows can look like a sparkling diamond…beautiful. But window cleaning can also be dangerous for the people doing the window cleaning. At Diamond Window Cleaning, Inc. that fact never leaves the forefront of our minds. We have three priorities at Diamond: Safety, Quality and Speed. Safety is number one for a reason. We drill it into our workers. We teach them everything imaginable that can go wrong and instruct them how to deal with each instance. We also have the very best insurance both for damages to the clients’ property (we have never had a claim in 37 years) and worker’s comp for our workers. This way those of us at Diamond Window Cleaning, Inc. and all of our clients can rest assured that the financial dangers of window cleaning are accounted for in advance. Our workers and our safety meetings will continue working to prevent the pain of any injuries to Diamond’s staff.