Determining the Cost of Window Cleaning

Window Cleaning companies usually use one of two methods to determine their cost per window.

Method #1: Calculate Actual Costs

1) Human resource expenses that include wages, simple IRA match, workers compensation insurance, criminal background checks, driving record check, previous employer verification, safety training, quality training, customer service training.  2) Insurance that protects the clients in the event of injury on their property.  Insurance to repair or replace property in the event of damage or breakage.  This will include workers compensation, general liability and automobile insurance.  3) The necessary costs of providing the service such as trucks, ladders, equipment, etc..  4) Costs to attract and acquire customers such as website, yellow page advertising, marketing, signage, sales efforts, estimates, etc.

Method #2: Mirror the price of competitors

Base your charges off your previous employer’s prices or call the well established companies and get their prices and then match them.

SO WHY SHOULD THE CONSUMER CARE WHICH METHOD IS USED?  Because you will pay the same price either way, but you will not get the same service.

With Method #2 you will get your windows cleaned; hopefully well, but no guarantees of even that.

With Method #1 you will get clean windows, plus you will have peace-of-mind due to a fully insured organization, you can trust that background checks have been done on all employees, you will feel the satisfaction of knowing that all employees are paid a living wage and have an IRA match for their retirement, you will experience the joy of having service providers who are well trained in customer service and window cleaning excellence, you will get the convenience of your calls and emails being taken by an office staff, and finally, you will experience the ease of scheduling because an established company has many service trucks staffed with well trained employees.