Thirty-five years ago you could not just type “Window Cleaning, Omaha” into your computer and find a qualified (one can always hope) professional window cleaner.  In part because of the obvious: people did not have personal computers and typewriters did not have Google.  But a more obscure reason why you could not have found a professional window cleaner in Omaha in 1979 was that professional window cleaning in Omaha was just like personal computers in Omaha–non existent, or at least the profession of window cleaning for residential properties did not exist.  Wealthy people in those days had “a man” who did all the things the homeowners could not do.  “The man” was usually a retired fireman or carpenter who liked doing a little work in his retirement years.  Today “the man” keeps busy preventing minorities from succeeding (or so we are told), and if he still has energy to burn then he greets people at Wal-Mart.  Oh how the years have changed.  Well, THIS man was too stupid to know that residential window cleaning did not have a future (I was young and being stupid is a privilege of the young), so I started the first window cleaning company in Omaha and it turned out that the people who said Window Cleaning for houses was a bad idea were dead wrong.  Those people also failed to buy stock in some upstart company called Microsoft.  And if you don’t know what a typewriter is just Google it.